We are Thick as Thieves

On June 2nd we are, once again, performing Thick as Thieves but this time we’re getting competitive.

We have entered this wonderfully funny play into the Wakefield’s Arts Festival and will be privileged to perform it on the wonderful Wakefield Theatre Royal and Opera House stage. This will be the 3rd time we have performed and we have been tweeking the script during rehearsals based on the reactions of previous audiences and how we felt performing it. The writer has been very generous in allowing us to play around with his script, even sending early drafts of his own for us to get ideas from.

So even if you came to one of our previous productions you will find something new and fresh in this one.

Thick as Thieves is a 2 handed 2 act play about 2 hapless thieves and there bungled attempt at house breaking.

Chris, who plays the other thief, first brought me the script about 2 years ago and I laughed out loud reading the first page and many pages throughout but I also saw a truth behind the characters. These aren’t just clowns but 2 people who have found themselves in a lifestyle neither of them planned but feel life gave them no choices.

Although a work of fiction the play does reflect the writers own life experience and that of his peers and that lends an element of reality to what would otherwise be a simple farce.

The 2nd of June is not the end of our journey with this play we are hoping to tour it later in the year, when it was first performed it was done in peoples house, in converted shops or anywhere else with a willing audience and we are planning to take it back to its roots. performing in pubs or clubs, village halls or anywhere that will have us.

The beauty of the show is its simplicity, its one set and a great script. It will be at home in someones front room but will also grace the biggest stage.

We cant wait to showcase it in Wakefield, treat yourself to a great night out on June 2nd.

Author: acornians

We are a Theatre and Events company providing high quality entertainment at affordable prices. We believe that theatre should be accesible to all regardless of budget.

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